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Adorable fan-art from sweet Cherri, who has supported me form the very beginning ^_^ Thank you so much, Cherri, *hugs*. I like her style very much, and Jano came out so cute, I wish could have drawn her like that, too XD
Also you can visit Cherri's comic, Little Red Riding Hood! It is very sweet and funny and I liked it and enjoyed it very much XD. You can also find her on DevianArt, here.

This one is from a friend of mine, Arty-chan, who also likes to draw comics XD The cat here, is from one of her comics - one of the funniest cats ever! And nameless at that XD

Art trade from Loom, the creator of Vampire Fetish, a brilliant comic, which you must read!!! You can also find her on DevianArt, here. Warning: keep away all possible drinks or food while reading.

This here is from the Secret Santa!!! And, being secret I have no idea who drew this adorable image for me :(. Thank you, Secret Santa! XD

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